Digital camera Upgrade

Digital Camera Upgrade

Picking a Digital camera can be daunting nowadays as consumers are spoiled by choice due to the fierce competition from many reputable camera manufacturer, all flaunting their latest improvement in digital technologies and improvement of their camera capabilities.
It can be quite confusing and difficult for photography enthusiasts and hobbyists to come to a conclusion which camera to buy. It can be a big investment to make, and this piece of photography equipment may have to stick with you for many years to come before your next upgrade, so choose carefully.

DSLR Camera

Basically there is DSLR which is Digital single-lens reflex camera. DSLR camera body and lens are detachable which give you the freedom to interchange different types of camera lens for different shooting situations and needs. You are choose to attach a bigger aperture camera lens when shooting in low light condition and when flash is not allow, like in a concert performance or you required a more powerful zoom to get close to your subject, example shooting wild life. The possibility is endless. Most of the entry level DSLR camera will package with a lens for you purchase, more accessories and upgrade will then follows depending on your interest in photography grow over times. Nikon camera is one of the best camera and lenses maker which has many followers, including many professional photographers. If you are a proud owner of a DSLR and want to upgrade and improve your photography skills, then come join the Photography Masterclass. DSLR Photography course with video teaching that will bring your photography skills to a new level. Check out some stunning pictures here!

Compact Digital Camera

On the other hand, a normal compact digital camera doesn’t have these flexibilities, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth looking into it. You will be amazed by just checking out capabilities of the Nikon Coolpix digital cameras. Compact digital camera are smaller in size compare to the DSLR camera, some build as small as the size of a credit card, which make it a breeze carrying it anywhere you go, without worrying about the weight and feeling cumbersome, always really to capture the next precious moments! Most compact size digital camera are built with the latest digital technologies , like enhancing the resolution pixels count, in built optical zoom, HD video recording, different scene mode selectors and much more. In short you are carrying a piece of small equipment in your hand or pocket with magnificent powers!
Check out some of the latest new release compact digital point and shoot cameras, some of them are selling at more than 50% discount!

Smart phone built-in camera

smart phone also comes with a built in camera. Who would imagine from 10 years ago that today’s technologies would allow us to use a mobile phone to surf the internet, download movies, music, shoot video and take photos! Most of the pictures taken today are from mobile phone, just look around you and you will agree with me. Most phone manufacturers, like the Samsung, Nokia are constant upgrading their camera phone to improve the capabilities of their in built digital phone camera. Recently release Samsung S4 model has upgraded the pixel counts and bigger screen aiming to capture more market shares.

Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone

Nokia Lumia 1020 is another strong contender as it is equip with 41-megapixel sensor. I guess Nokia is trying to win over the smart phone market not through competing directly with the phone but on camera! Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic photographer speaks highly of the Nokia Lumia 1020.
He is impressed with the camera performance. You may visit to see it for yourself. National Geographic had put up a web page to show the world what a smart phone camera is capable of and impress the pro photographer; I think it is very interesting. What is your thought? Now maybe we have to call it a camera phone and not the other way round!
We put together this digital camera website with all the researches done and comparison of different cameras, with the main intention to help all photography hobbyists like ourselves keep up with the latest camera technologies and picking the right camera to meet your needs; capture that precious moment!