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Canon PowerShot A2500

Canon PowerShot A2500: A Complete Review

canon powershot a2500

If you are looking to replace your old camera equipment or even just to buy a new camera, the Canon PowerShot A2500 should be at the top of your list. It is a great camera not just for taking shots but for taking video as well. So that you understand why you are making such a great choice, let us look at some of its best features.

1. It has a 16.0 megapixel sensor

As far as megapixel sensors go, you are flying high with this one. Your photos will be clear and detail is very well defined. This means that even for large prints, you can expect the photo resolution to be quite good. The megapixel sensor is assisted by a 5x optical zoom. Basically, you have almost moved into the realm of professional photography equipment.

2. It comes with a DIGIC 4 image processor

The Canon DIGIC processors have changed the way people thought about camera processors in the past. The particular DIGIC processor in this camera gives you not just great quality photos but you get fast processing speeds, high speed continuous shooting, self-timer ability, face detection, HD video and best of all, with all these features, the processor will not drain the battery fast.

3. You get a 5x optical zoom and wide angle lens

If you want a camera that allows you to stand in wide place and shoot wide angles, you will be getting a winner with the Canon PowerShot A2500. Its zoom and lens ability ensure that you can take pictures in wide range and you can zoom in so as to get the exact kind of detail you are looking for.

4. It has Smart auto

Technology has brought us to the point where your camera doesn’t need you to take a great photo; it can do it by itself. The Canon PowerShot A2500 has a smart auto function that requires that you only press the shutter – the camera will assess the scene for light and other factors and then take the best photo for you. In other words, so long as your smart auto function is on, you can expect to take great pictures every time.

5. You get great 720p HD video

In other words, every video that you shoot is of fantastic quality. 720p makes videos lifelike; they are also smooth and vivid which for you means that each video you make captures all motion. You can expect clear, arresting video all the time.

6. It has digital IS

This means that the Canon PowerShot A2500 will give you clear pictures even when they are shot in motion. Most cameras will give you a blurry picture if you shoot when you are in motion or if you shake about as you shoot.

So is this the camera for you? There are a lot of happy users that you will find online; they like the fact that the camera is easy to set up, easy to use and that picture and video quality are not affected by the weather or the light.

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