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Canon Powershot SX220HS

Canon Powershot Sx220hs Features

As far as cameras for amateur use go, the Canon Powershot Sx220hs comes out right at the top. It is the camera that you should reach for if you want to take pictures and videos that look professional. It comes loaded with features that you will love and here they are:canon powershot sx220hs

Characteristic Of Canon Powershot SX220HS

    • 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
    • Full HD movie taking with zoom capability
    • Stereo Sound and HDMI compatible
    • HS system for premium image quality even in low light condition
    • 14x optical zoom
    • 3″ LCD screen

new Advanced Scene Detection

  • Smart auto and East shooting mode


1. It comes with 12.1 megapixels

That is high; a regular smart phone will have maybe half of that. If you get clear photos and videos on your smart phone, imagine what you will get with this number of megapixels: clear pictures and videos which show every detail clearly.

2. You can record movies at high speed and you get them with surround sound

The Canon Powershot Sx220hs is a great camera if you like to capture short movies. It comes with the ability to record movies at 1080p and you get HDMI-CEC compatibility. One unique feature about its video performance is that you can actually zoom in when you are making a movie; not many cameras have this feature.

3. You get good shots in bad lighting

The camera comes with the Canon HS system which means that you don’t have to worry if the lighting is not perfect; you will still get excellent shots and video. It doesn’t matter that the light is too much or too little; the camera is able to adjust and capture all the details.

4. It comes with a 14x zoom

That is something that you don’t get every day. A 14x zoom means that you can get detailed pictures even from far distances. It is the camera to take along with you on a safari trip; even though you cannot approach the animals, you can get good pictures of them.

5. You get two shooting modes

You want to focus on your subject, and the Canon Powershot Sx220hs understands that. It comes with two shooting modes, Smart Auto and Easy Mode. With Smart Auto, the camera concentrates on finding the best settings for the shot. It will analyse distance, light, colour and so on and when it finally gets the perfect combination, it takes your shot. The Easy Mode settings are ideal for beginners, the camera will select the best setting every time and all you have to do is press the shutter.

Canon Powershot SX220HS Rating

Canon Powershot Sx220hs is an excellent choice for a camera. A cursory look at reviews revealed a whole lot of 5 stars. Users are pleased about different things; they like that the picture and video quality are excellent. They like that the screen is large and you see everything so clearly; they also like that the screen is so well detailed. There is nothing negative to say about the Canon Powershot Sx220hs.

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