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Canon Powershot SX510HS

Canon has done it again; they have given us the Canon Powershot SX510HS digital camera at a very reasonable price and pack with so many great features that made SX510HS a winner in its category. For a great camera that costs less than $200, you are getting a camera with a lot of features. If you already know what Canon Powershot SX510HS camera can do and only concern about the best price, Check here for the lowest price now. For the rest that want to know more, here is what makes this camera such a great piece of photography equipment.

Built in Wi-Fi Technology – Post your images to social networking and media sites

Canon powershot SX510HS is one of the canon camera with wifi technology. It allows users to share images on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube because of the expanded in-built website. You can even send pictures to an email address and you can also upload them to smart devices as well as personal computers. One additional and rare feature that this camera has is that you can add comments to your images.

Take 1080 full HD video with Canon Powershot SX510HS

• It comes with a dedicated movie button that allows you to take video in 1080 full
HD. All movies are recorded with stereo sound and they can be played back on HDTV and HDMI output. You will get high quality, high definition video.

Large 3 inch LCD Display with high resolution of 461,000 RGB dots

• The screen makes for great viewing; it is 3 inches, is in colour and comes with a resolution of 461,000 which means viewing from wide angles is easy on the Canon Powershot SX510HS. The large screen allows for easier composing and viewing of both images and video. It also allows users to see images even when they are shooting from wide angles.

Powerful DIGIC 4 image processor –Reduce noise and blur

• With 12.1MP high sensitivity, a mega-sensor and the Canon DIGIC 4 image processor, you can expect great clarity in all images. The powerful processor inside Canon Powershot SX510HS means that you can get lots of pictures in a single frame without them going out of focus. The processor also allows automatic face recognition, reduced noise and blur as well as great light adjustment – you don’t have to worry if it light is bad, the camera will select settings and adjust to the necessary settings.

Achieve clear, crisp and without noise from Canon HS feature

• Canon has introduced a new feature, the Canon HS that allows for bright and clear images even in wide range images. The system is created to harvest and focus all the light in the image so that even in dark conditions, images are clear, crisp and without noise. This feature is the one that allows great shutter speeds with great clarity. You can get up to 30 frames per second, which is remarkable when compared to other cameras in this price range.

Can Powershot SX510Hs Smart AUTO function analyzes, decides camera modes automatically in a split of sec

• Smart Auto allows for scene detection. It will take pictures only after making sure that all factors in the background are right. All adjustments are done automatically and in the split of a second. The feature allows the camera to analyze 32 pre-shooting situations, which gives you a large range of scenes to shoot in.

High speed Auto Focusing and Reduce Time lag during shooting

• The Canon Powershot SX510HS comes with a new autofocus feature which means that it focuses images faster thus allowing for faster shoooting. It is this feature that allows for the great shutter speeds.

Built in Creative Filter. Get creative with SX510HS Powershot without a PC

• Canon Powershot SX510Hs comes with creative filters that allow you to get creative with your images without necessarily having to use a PC. You can, for example, make a scene appear like a miniature of the background. Interested for some sample pictures with creative filters from SX510Hs? Here is it.

One Single Battery charged that goes a long way with ECO mode

• Powershot SX510HS is powered by 1 lithium battery (NB-6LH), which is included in your purchase. You will be able to take more shots per single charge with the ECO mode that Canon built into the SX550HS and some other powershot series point and shoot digital cameras.
ECO mode will monitor and manage the power consumption of the camera, prevent unnecessary wastage of energy, putting the camera into sleep mode when camera is not capturing any image. Waking up the camera is as easy as pressing a button or a touch on the LCD display. A very useful and thoughtful feature, you would prefer to find the best spot or scene to get the best picture taken rather not worrying about where to charge your battery.

• Lastly, its menu allows for 30 different languages, which makes it a universal camera.

Is there anything not to like about Canon Powershot SX510HS?

Not much, this camera gets praised all around. Users are impressed with all the features and they love the images and video it gives them. The camera seems to be a favourite with both amateurs and professionals. They are also impressed with the kit that comes with the camera – it allows set-up in all kinds of situation. The only negative comment about the Canon Powershot SX510HS is that it is a little heavy and some users find it hard to carry around.

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