Digital camera Upgrade

Helpful advice for buying a new digital camera

To lot of people, the more expensive the camera is, the better quality it will be. Don’t let the price decide which camera you should buy. You should instead focus on what you want the camera to do for you and narrow down your search. You are very likely to pick a digital camera over a traditional film camera as technology advance and many camera manufacturer competing to offer the best deal.

So you ask: What is the best camera that suit me.

We can’t answer that. It all depend on what is your requirement. Are you a sport fan and enjoy capturing fast moving subject? If that’s the case, look for one that offer high busting speed so that you don’t miss that special shot that may end up hanging on your wall.

For nature lover taking a lot of landscape pictures, a camera with panorama feature can be useful. You can make use of it to take spectacular photos. Camera that allow you to take multi shot and stitch them together to get a panoramic effect is also helpful.

Pixel. The higher the better?

Camera with high pixel counts will definitely produce better image quality… Wait a second, don’t buy the highest resolution digital camera yet! Did you notice that every digital camera upgrade or manufacturer push out a new model, most likely the new camera will have a higher pixel count, a selling point claiming that image captured by this new camera will be better? How is it compare to those award winning pictures taken a decade ago?

Unless you do heavy cropping of the image   or making very large print, you can’t tell the difference in image quality from a 5 megapixel camera from a 13 megapixel camera. You can read further here and save some money.

Optical or digital Zoom

Unless you own a DSLR which you can change lens, you want to check the optical zoom factor for your next camera upgrade. Most Compact camera comes with an optical zoom and digital zoom function which is very useful for taking subject further away from you. I am sure you don’t want to go to near to a lion in the safari!

Optical zoom factor can range from 3X to as high as 21X. Rest assured that the image quality will remain the same when using optical zoom. A camera tripod will be helpful to prevent camera shake resulting in image blur when zooming in your subject.

Unlike optical zoom, digital zoom will deteriorate the image quality. What the camera do is by enlarge the pixel to magnify the image captured. See this demonstration for a better understanding.

Wide apertures

If you need to take pictures in dimly lit place like in a concert, a camera with lens that has a wide aperture is what you will need. What wide aperture lens do is allow more light to enter the lens, thus enable the camera to capture the image with higher shuttered speed, resulting in an image with less blur.

The above mention are just some pointer that was commonly talk about. I wrote it here hope that it can also benefit you.

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