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Upgrade to Samsung NX30 Digital Camera

Samsung NX30samsung nx30 digital camera

For photography enthusiast who are thinking of upgrading from point & shot cameras, Samsung NX30 can be a good choice.

Samsung NX30 weighs only 375g (without battery and lens), but never under estimate the capability of this digital camera just because of its small size.

There are certainly some powerful features that you might thought only built for the DSLR.

At the back of the body is a 3 inch AMOLED swivel and touch screen display that can pivot 180 degrees horizontally. Once pulled out, is able to rotate upwards & downwards with 270 degrees. This definitely helps photographer in framing low angle shots, and for people loving selfie or doing self-portrait photo, a great bonus indeed.


WIFI connection – Samsung NX30 make for photo sharing experience hassle free!

Samsung WIFI Camera
Uploading your picture to Facebook, Flickr and another website can never be so convenient this Samsung WIFI Camera, not to forget the most popular video sharing site YouTube. You can even add in comments around with the image taken. Files from NX30 can also be sent via email to friends and family members, by using the Group Sharing function, 4 people can receive the images simultaneously. 2 GB of free Dropbox online storage is equip with the camera and 50 GB if you own a Galaxy Smartphone.

Featuring the Photo Beam Technology, make sharing of photos via Smartphone even easier. Simply tap your NX30 camera with any NFC-compatible Smartphone, and that it.

Your Smartphone can also be turn into a camera viewfinder with the Remote Viewfinder Pro app. You will be able to do the camera setting from the Phone screen, make adjustment to the shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance as well as Iris exposure control.

Full HD Video Recording with HDMI Output for Playback

Video recording feature also a must have in today’s digital camera; you can also take 1080p Full HD videos with the NX30. Acquire the Samsung 3D lens; you can get true 3D photos & videos. The Smart Range+ feature automatically gives tonal detail a boost, resulting in brighter shadows and darker highlights. Use the HDMI interface to play your video back on an HDTV.

Additionally, when you combine the camera with a 3D lens (sold separately), you get true 3D photos and videos (3D TV system required to view in 3D).

Fast Shutter Speeds with Advance Auto Focus and 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor Just For the exact Moment

NX30 will be your best companion in any sporting or exciting fast pace events, be it the Formula 1 race, horse racing or Wimbledon tennis championship. With the astonishing fast, 1/8000 of a sec shutter speed, the NX30 will surprise you by capturing all the precious and precise moment and let you frame it on your wall. Samsung NX30 is capable of continuously shoot at 9 frame per second (FPS) so that you won’t miss any fast moving moment again.

On top of the fast shutter speed, Samsung NX30 presents to photography enthusiasts an advanced 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a hybrid auto-focus system that enable this camera to achieve very fast focusing capability, it incorporates phase detection auto-focus with contrast auto-focus, resulting in amazing results. Be prepared to feel excited with the high image quality, very detailed pictures and crystal clear resolution produced by the amazing 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Saving your precious moments and backing up files is easy with Samsung NX30

Samsung has anticipated that NX30 owners will definitely travel to remote area where WIFI access is limited. Samsung’s Mobile Link app allows NX30 user to send photos or albums to a designated smartphone or tablet. You are able to make changes of the photo from your Smartphone and the changes will be automatically saved to the camera. By selecting PC Auto Backup function on the camera, video and photos will be transferred to your PC wirelessly. Samsung also make it possible for the camera to communicate with other Samsung Link-enabled devices when in range via the Samsung Link, for sharing or uploading files.

HomeSync feature is another option that comes with the camera that let you upload your collection of photographs and video to your own storage cloud and share them instantly. Your family members can view all the images captured and shared the joy you experienced, all streamed to Samsung smart TV in the comfort of their home, and in real time.

Free Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 for NX30 owners

Samsung NX30 owners will get a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 software free. This Photoshop software is a handy tool that can help you make adjustment to the image regardless of the tone, contrast, colour, noise reduction, and much more, resulting in stunning professional looking pictures.

Without buying the NX30, you will need to pay around $120 for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5. Other than touching up the images, this software lets you organize your photos base on location taken or photo journey. You can also edit video clips, converting any interesting scenes into still images is also make possible by the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5.


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